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Journee Co., Ltd.

       When all parents are new parents, they are always eager to seek professional answers to any questions about their babies. We are no exception. When the child is a few months old, all kinds of skin problems of unknown cause, after the child's crying and helpless pressure all night, can only follow the doctor's advice to wipe "non-irritating" moisturizing lotion, When bathing, add "non-irritating" bath oil to increase the skin's moisturizing ability and keep the skin dry and so on.

I checked many books and went to the shops to look for non-irritating cleaning supplies. As expected, the children's crying less day and night, and the condition continued to improve. From then on we have a new understanding of the care of our children, we must

   *Avoid using products containing flavors and fragrances.

   *Avoid detergents that contain soap and alkali irritation.

  In the subsequent purchases, we must thoroughly pay attention to its ingredients and carefully select them. We also hope to give children and family members a pure, natural and pollution-free environment.

Business philosophy

    Give children & family a pure, natural and pollution-free environment. Based on natural plant extracts, we develop and manufacture a series of cleaning and maintenance products for customers to develop a healthy living environment and youthful appearance of customers' families and enrich customers' beautiful lives.