【Journee Compound Series】Antibacterial Spray|Epidemic prevention, home protection, do not want to be diagnosed, popular recommendation

During the epidemic prevention period, the best home protection antibacterial spray is provided to reduce infection and the chance of diagnosis, so that the whole family can be protected at ease. Just spray gently at home, sofas, toys and other environments, and spray the antibacterial liquid around the hairy children to prevent your whole family from epidemic , Safe at home, stay away from germs and life starts from then on.
Journee rose geranium compound antibacterial spray, non-alcoholic BASE, not afraid of the risk of burning, the product, the use of natural essential oils does not irritate, reduces the chance of infection, the whole family is safe and protected, mild and non-irritating. A must for children in the family!【journee玫瑰天竺葵複方系列】抗菌噴霧|防疫、居家防護、非酒精BASE、不怕燃燒