【Lemongrass Compound Series】Antibacterial Spray|Epidemic prevention, alcohol-free, home protection, deodorization

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Journee lemon lemongrass essential oil compound antibacterial spray,

During the epidemic prevention period, the alcohol-free antibacterial spray for the best home protection can reduce infection, so that the whole family can safely protect and deodorize. Just spray gently at home, sofas, toys, etc., and use alcohol-free antibacterial liquid around the hairy children. , Allow your whole family to protect, stay safe and stay away from germs.

Journee lemongrass compound antibacterial spray, alcohol-free BASE, is not afraid of burning risk, the product uses natural essential oils to not irritate, reduces the chance of infection, and protects the whole family at ease, gentle and non-irritating. A must for children in the family!


In response to the cumulative number of confirmed cases of severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) in the country, what should the public do during home isolation or quarantine? Wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and disinfecting the home environment is the most important thing to reduce contact.

As family catering responsibility, we as parents must go out to buy and provide for the needs of family life, but going out is risky!

Contact with public equipment is sometimes unavoidable. I carefully recommend you Journee Lemongrass Compound Antibacterial Spray. In addition to the antibacterial chlorine dioxide aqueous solution and antibacterial ingredients used in cosmetics, natural essential oils are also added to allow you to enjoy the care of essential oils during the epidemic prevention period.

Pure water, gaseous chlorine dioxide aqueous solution, benzalkonium chloride, lemongrass, grapefruit, juniper natural essential oil 

Compared with commercially available products, it is safer to use than hypochlorous acid. The antibacterial effect is more comprehensive than that of alcohol.

 Product antibacterial test passed, antibacterial efficacy>99.99%

1. Antibacterial percentage of Staphylococcus aureus _ S.aureus ATCC 6538:> 99.99%

2. Percentage of Escherichia coli antibacterial _ E.coli ATCC 8739:> 99.99%

3. Percentage of Pseudomonas aeruginosa antibacterial _ P.aeruginosa ATCC 9027:> 99.99%

4. Antibacterial percentage of Candida albicans_ C.albicans ATCC 10231:> 99.99%

5. The antibacterial percentage of Aspergillus brasiliensis_ A. brasiliensis ATCC 16404:> 99.99%

Distributor: Jia Wei Ya International Co., Ltd.
Address: 1F, No. 2, Lane 70, Renhe Road, East District, Tainan City
Service Hotline: (06)2699019

Manufacturer: Fu Yan Biotechnology Industrial Co., Ltd.
Expiry date: marked on the outer packaging
Capacity: 100ml
Shelf life: 1 year, six months is recommended for use when opening



This product can be used directly, and can be used for daily cleaning/antibacterial use during epidemic prevention, such as

1. Daily necessities (tables and chairs/computers/pillows/mobile phones/floor mats/mouse...);

2. Personal items (masks/glasses/watches/shoes/clothing...);

3. Transportation equipment (car steering wheel/brake grip/seat cushion...);

4. Home environment (kitchen/toilet cushion/space tiles/sofa/floor/curtain/air filter...);

5. External environment (door handles/public carts/public appliances/public seats...);

6. Children's supplies (toys/story books/building blocks/dining chairs);

7. Fur children's supplies (mat/collar/drawstring/tableware...)


Avoid placing it in high temperature and direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It is for external use only. If you accidentally touch your eyes in a large amount, please rinse with water. If the skin becomes red, swollen and allergic after use, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

To detect the touch panel of a mobile phone:

Found that it is too dirty to let the child play with the mobile phone. It is best to use Journee antibacterial spray to clean it when playing with him.

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