[Moon Dance Series] Balm (square box)|Solid perfume, mood fragrance, Valentine's Day gift, massage cream

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This solid balm,It is suitable for office workers or at home with massage soothing and relaxing. Whether you are at home or away from home, take an appropriate amount of balm on your palms at any time with your hands and gently massage your body. The outer box can also be used for scraping. The overall fragrance can relax your body , Easy to fall asleep at night.

This is a variety of plant essential oils, which can relieve and reduce fatigue and create a good time in your life (journee). A total of six natural 100% "dancing night" compound essential oils are a relaxing oriental floral fragrance.

There are six 100% essential oil formulas in the dance night, including sweet orange that can relax the mind, lavender that relieves tension, rose geranium that can make the mood cheerful, happy sage that restores peace and tranquility, and ylang ylang for anti-depression , Patchouli that calms the mood, etc.

feature of product:

1. The aroma is a personal experience for travelers,Recreate the fragrance in memory,Let the user perhaps return to the deep feeling of the previous memory with the time-empty capsule.

2. A variety of plant essential oil formula,Easily absorbed by the skin.

3. Contains natural odor control formula,Let the product exude a pleasant fragrance,Relieve your stress outside,And can conceal body odor, Let you use without burden.

4. It is a solid balm,Easy to carry.

5.The outer box can also be used for scraping


Top note: Sweet orange, lavender

Middle tone: Rose geranium, clary sage, ylang ylang,

Back tone: ,Patchouli


Natural anti-odor formula, so that the product can extend the anti-odor effect, so that you can use it without burden

Beeswax, Hawaiian beans, jojoba oil, triolein, phenoxyethanol, triethyl citrate, orange, lavender, rose geranium, clary sage, ylang ylang, patchouli, etc. Essential oils.

【Moon Dance Series】Commodities: Compound Essential Oil; Compound Massage Oil

Distributor: Jia Wei Ya International Co., Ltd.
Address: 1F, No. 2, Lane 70, Renhe Road, East District, Tainan City
Service Hotline: (06)2699019
How to use: After going out or bathing, take an appropriate amount and apply to the wrist and neck
Or behind the ears.
Manufacturer: Fu Yan Biotechnology Industrial Co., Ltd.
Expiry date: marked on the outer packaging
Shelf life: three years
Capacity: 9.5g



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