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There are many brands of solid perfume and eau de toilette , how can I choose which suits me? Regardless of whether you use male perfume or female perfume, you are most afraid of hitting the fragrance with others, how embarrassing it is the same aroma as friends!

 While waiting for the extension to take off, the passengers were sitting down one after another. After the girls next to them took their seats, there was a fascinating fragrance. What kind of fragrance is so charming and timeless? and many more! Isn’t it allowed to bring spray perfume on the plane? Don't worry! It is a "balm" that can replenish fragrance at any time on a date or on an airplane, and it can be elegant and not embarrassing! ,

 In recent years, more and more brands have launched exquisite and elegant balm. All major fragrance brands have launched a balm that is more skin-friendly than perfume, as if it is a fragrance that emanates from the body. Rather than just picking up the perfume and spraying it, The advantage of using balm (solid perfume)is that it is low-key and elegant to invigorate the fragrance without losing embarrassment, and it will not spray rain and dew on others. Sometimes when I go out with unfamiliar friends or favorite objects, no matter how mini the perfume is, I always feel that I need to avoid it. It is always embarrassing to spray the perfume directly in front of my friends. And the balm is not only elegant, but also quickly fills up the fragrance silently, so that you can fill up the fragrance at any time without embarrassment, and maintain the fragrance all day long! And most of the solid perfume has ingredients of shea butter or olive oil. When the fingertips and skin feel dry, it can moisturize the fingertips and dry skin at the same time. .

How to choose the many brands of balm to suit me? I am most afraid of hitting the fragrance with others when using the fragrance. How embarrassing it is the same as Zhuangshan! There is a small step to tell you that choosing an independent brand's fragrance special notes, with a unique fragrance, will not only reduce the dilemma of hitting the fragrance with others, but also make it easy for people to remember that you are the charming mysterious girl. But the super power generator of feminine fragrance too!

 Like perfume, the balm can be applied to the veins of the left and right wrists, the back of the ears, the back of the neck, the sides of the waist, the inner thighs, the inner left and right knees, and the inner ankles. Arterial position. When dating, it is recommended to secretly wipe in the position where you want to be kissed to enhance the charm of women! For example, the five major balm scents produced by independent brand Jorn'ee Jiaweiya are ingenious, ranging from Kyoto to the blooming cherry blossoms, roaming to the left bank feelings of France, or choosing the morning dew cold extraction of Fuji Travel in the early morning. After walking past the spring cherry white tea bought by the sisters in the afternoon, and then to the romantic love of Victoria in the late night, with the scent constantly changing your imagination scene, the trip is just a touch of Journ'ee Jiaweiya balm middle.

Journ'ee Jia Wei Ya's balm series, the design concept is derived from the personal fragrance experience of travellers, and then reproduce the fragrance in the memory, through the diffusion of the fragrance, it is like a capsule of time and space, and it instantly returns to the deep memory of the current travel. Feel.
Journ'ee Jiaweiya's balm series contains natural odor control formula, so that the fragrance can not only exude a pleasant fragrance and relieve your stress, but also conceal your body odor so that you can fragrant anytime, anywhere without burden. Journ'ee Jiaweiya's balm series uses a variety of plant essential oils to be easily absorbed by the skin, and is designed as a push-pull small iron box solid balm that is easy to carry.

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